Sunday, 24 June 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

Don't suppose anyone noticed there was no tracker last week.

The crazy ladies that are Super Fit Mummy and Actual Super Mummy instead opted for the equally lovely challenge that is the Tough Guy And Gal Challenge! A hideous sounding assault course kind of thing that leaves you caked in mud, freezing cold and down one pair of trainers! Oh dear what a pity I had work so I couldn't participate. By all accounts though they had a great time, crazy I tell you crazy!

Lovely Hubby isn't called Lovely just for the hell of it. He is actually Lovely! Not only was he willing to stand in for the girls and do the 'Trig Run' with me, he was willing to do so after a sleepless night with the eldest Cherub. But I didn't think he would still want to go so I left him sleeping in Darling Daughters room. A bit naughty on my part but a week off is not the end of the world.

I got back on the wagon this week though. Just me and Super Fit Mummy again this week.

Eek it was dark. Running through the first bit you have to go under an arc of trees which was lovely this week, I didn't have breakfast but that was rectified when I got a mouthful of cobwebs and goodness knows what else running under the arc of trees.

The only problem with it just being the two of is is that I really can't run up 'Mount Paraparaumu' at the best of times let alone while trying to talk as well. I tried to keep running and talking as far as possible but it wasn't very far. I was in front (by chance not skill) so I was able to dictate the pace and the pace I chose was a brisk walk. Good choice I think!

Here we have the view from the top...

A lush view as usual. Reason enough to traipse up the 'Trig Run' hill each week.

I had all my gear ready to go the night before to minimize faffing around in the morning and maximize sleep time. But Sleepyhead Simpson (that's me by the way) still managed to forget to put the strap that goes round my ribs to measure my heart rate even though it featured in the pile of clothes I had laid out! So this week I only have a time to report...46minutes, sleepiness also meant I forgot to take a picture of the heart rate monitor watch at the end.

Please note although we walked we still finished faster than the last time which was a walk too. (Clutching at straws of success me thinks)

Until next time, TTFN...(that always makes me smile, sad creature that I am).



  1. Excellent work abe, loving the view! Maybe if I can get some fitness regime going this end, I might be able to come with you if we get over!

    1. Don't get me all excited about you visiting. Hope you can it would be so good to see you x

  2. Lovely picture, but not sure about the idea of running, never mind running up a hill & in the early morning!! - I think I'll just wave from my bed on the other side of the world :)

  3. It diesn't fill me with enthusiasm either but looking forward to summer when it's light and warm, hopefully get some awesome pics