Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 18th June 2012

Review Week 4

Last week was a much better week. I have a feeling, in fact I am sensing a pattern in my life, not sure why but I think I am going to have 2 good weeks, get all smug and be pleased with how I am going then let it all go the 3rd week, do a shit job then have to get motivated again. So on and so forth...

I wasn't angelic last week but The Cherubs and I kept busy and I stuck to my steps. Granted I didn't get up and organized every morning but on the mornings I didn't I had busy house days. When I was exposing myself to the public during the day though I got showered, dressed and make up on, best not scare the locals now!

Like the good wee wifey and mummy that I aspire to be I cooked, I cleaned and I tried to entertain The Cherubs.

The house isn't spotless but I pottered away when I got a chance.

The food wasn't amazing but nobody starved. Actually that's a lie Darling Daughters new hilarious game is getting all excited about dinner then when I bring it out 'I don't like that mummy'! I'm not a pandering mummy when it comes to food. If you don't eat what is put in front of you 'tough tits'! If Lovely Hubby had his way we would make her one of everything in the cupboards until she ate something but I put my foot down. He may be Lovely but I'm not! I am the scary one of the household, Lovely Hubby is Lovely like his mum, I am scary like my dad was! Poor Darling Daughter knows something is wrong if Daddy shouts because he does it so rarely. Whereas if I am not grumpy she is concerned! 'Why you not grumpy my mummy?' she asked me the other week, 'because you aren't being hateful dear' was the reply!

Anyway back from my wee tangent there!

Cherub entertainment was good though, Darling Daughter had kindy, we took the dog to the beach (no mean feet by the way, me pushing Second Born Son in the pushchair, Darling Daughter trying to escape up onto the road and the Hound sniffing the bum of any dog he can find that is bigger than him!), the Hound and I wheeled Second Born Son round a park he hadn't been too, we went to Little Wrigglers, Darling Daughter had swimming lessons and both Cherubs got a swim at the end of the week! Oh yeah we did some cooking and baking as well!

The Plan Week 4

Well in the last couple of weeks there have been a few changes in our wee life which has meant that I have been on a one woman mission to find some work. As a result I am doing a spot of Pharmacisting this Wednesday, Thursday and my usual Saturday morning.

Great to get some pennies in the bank but I have to take 'My Life Schedule' a bit more seriously this week if am to survive.

Currently I take control of the housekeeping, all I expect from Lovely Hubby is help with the Cherubs and for him to not make a mess! And all I expect from Lil Sis' is for her to keep her own room tidy and to not make a mess. If I asked them to contribute they would help but I am a control freak and like things done just so (a trait from my mother, cheers hen!).

BUT this week I may need to relinquish my control a little and enlist help from the other adults in the house in order to get everything I want done done without me getting super stressed! I will follow 'My Life Schedule' with the help of the gang!

So my plan for this week is to enlist the help of Lovely Hubby and Lil Sis with some part of the housework. Sounds simple but I have an extra dose of cunning mixed in *mwah haha*.

I learned in the latter stages of my most recent pregnancy that Lovely Hubby sees a list as a bit of a challenge! I can ask him to do various chores over and over again and end up doing them myself. BUT if I write them down in list form he sees it as a game, a race even, he has to get them done as quick as possible and do more of the things on the list than me. I really should take advantage of this more often.

On Thursday he is on Cherubwatch while I do a money spinning 10 hour shift. So as well as a list of instructions on how to care for the Cherubs I will leave a list of 'options' of things to do around the house. Of course I will make sure that each 'option' is something I dislike (so everything then) doing. I will ask sweetly if he wouldn't mind doing something from the list. Worst case scenario he gets one done on the list, best case the Cherubs have a monster nap on Thursday afternoon and I get home from work and can put my feet up.

What? I can live in hope can't I?

Actually from experience I think I will just expect the worst and it can only be better than that surely!!

As for Lil Sis she has it sweet. She has a live in chef and cleaner (eh me that is) but its ok she's my sister and she is Cherub watching on Saturdays for me while I work. I need to tread a bit more carefully with my favour asking with this one! She seems to 'like' to hoovering (strange but true) so hopefully she will be so kind as to do that again. Out with that maybe I can rope her and the Boyf into walking the hound! If all she does is watch the Cherubs though I'll be happy!


  1. Brilliant Rufus, glad you are getting on well. Going back to work will weirdly make your schedule work better cause you've got to do it. Try explaining to Dearest Daughter that she needs to help Mummy, this really worked with Buddy.

    As for the chores, I do the choice thing to, I say, Would you like to do x or y both of which I hate and as Grim is getting the choice, he things he is in control. As the control freakery continues ;-) ah well, we are all happy then.

    Good luck with the new work, let us know how it goes :-)

    1. Yeah tried to get the girl to help but she gets bored real quick...funny that so do I!!!

  2. Lil sis does like hoovering, the one thing she will always offer to do. Dog walking for her and boyfriend sounds good to me. Good luck with your plan, hope it all works out.

    1. As it turns out The Hound has bad foot so no walks and I hoovered yest as he was getting groomed!
      Best laid plans and all that...