Thursday, 14 June 2012

Yay Socks That Work!

I'm a simple sole, who is easily amused. If you are of a similar nature read on. If you are of a more high brow nature, my apologies for the tediousness of this blog post...

This is probably not the most riveting blogpost I will ever write but it is a milestone in our wee life! Having had kids I am now that cliche, you know THAT mother that can't have a conversation without it being about The Cherubs, even it's not about the Cherubs I can be sure to make it about them by the end of the conversation! So everyone I speak to over the next wee while will no 'The Sock Story' until some other 'excitment' comes along.

Attention all who have wriggly therefore bare foot babes! All is not lost!

Second Born Son has just turned 6 months old and for all of his first 6 months he has pretty much gone barefoot. Bad mummy alert...I haven't really bothered too much about it. Here in New Zealand it is perfectly acceptable to trot about barefoot. Something that in my experience is frowned upon back home in the U.K for grown ups never mind for poor wee babies.

In the summer and autumn it wasn't much of an issue, if we went out I would pop a blanket on his toes. Of course I would have a wee pang of guilt when other obviously more caring/mothering mothers would ask me if he was maybe a bit cold, or feel his toes and look at me with concerned faces (probably wondering wether they should be phoning child services).

Trust me people, I love my boy. I might not act like it sometimes but I have half an idea of what I'm doing! (what? Is half an idea not enough) I am by no means Supermum but I am able to do the basics I.e feed and clothe my babies. I remember my midwives from both babies, health visitor for Darling Daughter and Plunket Nurse from Second Born Son have all said that hands and feet aren't good guides as to how hot or cold your Cherub is. Best place to check is the back of the next or top of the chest. Besides his cheeks are usually red and hot enough to heat the whole house never mind himself.

Now don't get me wrong I did put socks on the boy in the morning but I would turn my back and they would be off. The way he moved his feet I am convinced he was intentially trying to get his socks off. Pretty sure he and I have better things to do of a day than play the sock on sock off game all day! Quite often in fact his wee toes are sweaty wee things anyway without socks. And the times when he has worn trousers with built in feet they have been soaked through with sweat...sweaty Betty boy!

The Kiwi dress code for winter is hat, scarf, jersey (pronounced joysey, a pronunciation darling Daughter has mastered), shorts, and jandels (flip flops). Although Second Born Son was born here the new rules mean that he is British not a Kiwi by birth but that doesn't stop him embracing the culture. He doesn't go as far as wearing shorts (that would just be silly) but he favors the wrap up warm from head to toe look but bare feet if you please...

However enough is enough. It's actual numb toes for me with Ugg boots on weather now. If I am cold with socks and Uggs on my poor wee boy must have cold wee tootsies too so I have been making more of an effort to keep socks on the boy. Pretty tedious and I'm surprised we have any left. Kindly strangers are forever calling after me with teeny wee socks that have gone overboard. The blanket cover up only works if he sits still and alas as lovely as it is to see him more mobile it means more trouble for me! He also quite enjoys chewing his blankets so more often than not his blanket is in his mouth not on his feet!

Never fear...Super Fit Mummy to the rescue. She told me about these chaps...

I'm always cautious of things with such extravagant claims like this but with a good review from Super Fit Mummy I gave them a try.

I am pleased to announce they do exactly what they say on the tin. My little lad has had socks on for the last 2 days AND night. (yes, yes, they have been changed)

Not only do they work they are cute too. Although he has just turned 6 months and these are size 6-12 months. I don't fancy trying to squeeze his little leggies chubby leggies into these in 6 months time.

Having said that in 6 months time he will be ripping them off by hand.

In fact if I am having to put socks on him in 6 months time I will not be amused, it will after all be summer time. (2 weeks into winter and I am excited about summer already)


  1. He is cuter than anything! Love that you live in New Zealand!

    1. Aww thanks Sue. Great to receive nice positive comments xx

  2. Awesome! I just said the other day," We need to invent socks that stay on babies feet." Thanks for sharing. Love for you to link up your review at Favorite Product Fridays.

    Stop by and follow back when you can ;)

    1. What a great linky, thanks for the invite. Xxx