Friday, 11 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 10

Get Fitter

No official exercise! I thought I better have a rest day, give the body time to recover and all that! I had an early start yesterday morning (at the feckin 5.50am power gym class again) and a late night at a friends birthday dinner (awesome dinner in there house with a chef cooking for us, yummers) so today I was physically and mentally pooped! Back on the wagon tomorrow though ...

Eat Healthier
  • Just a plain protein shake this morning for breakfast.
  • Nuts etc for morning tea and afternoon tea.
  • Noodles for lunch.
  • Chicken and veg stir fry for dinner.

Drink Less (Alcohol More Water)
Zero alcohol. 10 nights without a drink and counting! Including 2 nights out and a weekend! Good going for me!
Think I managed about 2 litres of water today!

Have Fun With The Children
Yay it's the weekend! Hopefully I will be able to think up some fun things for me and The Cherubs to do!
Meanwhile tonight ended up being quite a pleasant evening weather wise so we made a second attempt at the outdoor pool in Waikanae with Chums who have a little boy the same age as Maisie!
Once Maisie got over her initial screeching phase she had a great time with her wee friend. She fell asleep in th hall when we got home, Bless!
Archie boy is turning out to be a happy little water baby. He loves splashing, jumping of the side and doesn't even seem to bat an eyelid when his head goes under the water!

Weigh in on Monday so I must behave this weekend! Plan is to stay busy and stay of the booze! I have a couple of ideas for next week to help with the healthy eating ...


  1. Way to go with eating right, getting your exercise, going boozeless and having good kiddo fun. I love the weekends! Okay it isn't the weekend until it is, but oh I so enjoy a little part of the fantasy of not having to drag it out of bed in the early AM. I shouldn't get too excited though. I've got my own gym time tomorrow. :) I'm dropping by from Our Everyday Harvest's Blog Hop. I was looking for a way to follow but couldn't. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement I need it! Ways to follow are down the right hand side in the web version of my blog (as opposed to the iPad or mobile version). It would be awesome if you could follow! Thanks for stopping by!