Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kapiti Island Today 23/1/13

6pm ...

Taken from good old Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kapiti Coast again! Another family run though the dunes tonight! Great stuff!

There won't be any 'Kapiti Island Today' for a couple of days! The Cherubs and I are off up to Auckland to visit chums for the weekend! We'll have to find a beautiful view to post about up there!

Man it's getting windy, hope it dies down for our flight out of here! It's going to be crazy enough flying solo with The cherubs. Glad it's a short flight! Hopefully the excitement will distract them both and we'll be there before we know it and we'll have lovely chums to be reunited with at the other end ... Then when we get back its one sleep until Mummy and Ian arrive! Woo hoo! They are making their way to OZ as we speak. Heathrow got their act together and they made it out of the country despite the SNOW!!!!!! First stop Oz for a wedding and to see my little brother then on to NZ to see us lot of hoodlums! Yaaaassssss!!!!!!!

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