Sunday, 13 January 2013

Playpen for your Toddler ... Not a Bad Idea!

We got a playpen for Second Born Son this week! We never had the need for Darling Daughter. We had a stair gate but other than that there weren't many hazards and Maisie was quite happy with some toys in front of her. (Overuse of the word we apologies!)

Second Born Son is a different kettle of fish! We like to call him 'Adventurous Archie'! He can bum shuffle like no other. Turn your back and he's ripping my books apart, eating some wires, in about the DVD player etc, pulling the toilet roll apart, heading for the back step or eating dead flies or leaves. We try to pen him into the living room with toys or furniture but he hates it and just screeches!

The final straw came the other day when he had an argument with the dog!

Time for a playpen! Not sure why I didn't think of it before!

He should really be walking by now (he's 13months old) but he is so awesome at bum shuffling he hasn't shown much interest in walking! My thought process was that the playpen would keep him safe inside and out and he may even learn to pull himself up on the bars and start walking round the edge!

We were a but worried that he wouldn't like being confined but so far so good! We made it homely for him, put his quilt made by granny in it, his teddies, some toys and I have hung some of his old pram toys from the side. His sister quite enjoys getting in with him, I was even in it with him outside this afternoon!

It's great for when you need to get something done in another room BUT wether he is in or out the playpen if I am in the room he tends to screech if I don't give him my undivided attention.

Usually it's next to impossible to go out in the garden with him unless he is in his high hair. There are a few steps around and he goes straight for them, not only that he loves to sample the leaves, grass and soil! Today I put out a picnic blanket and popped the playpen on top! Problem solved!

Only problem is he can, if he is trying to get out, move the damn thing! Not such a problem indoors as he can only get so far but need to make sure he has no scary route available when I place it in the garden!

It wasn't cheap but it also didn't break the bank! If it keeps 'Adventurous Archie' contained and safe for a few weeks its worth it!

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