Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kapiti Island Today 15/1/13

10.45am ...

Taken from Raumati Beach! The tide was the highest I've ever seen it!

We've not made it down to the beach for a few days but The Cherubs and I were driving by today so we stopped for a photo opportunity.

As you can see the weather is pretty grotty. In fact it's been torrential rain on and off all day! It's still hot and muggy though. We got caught in it between shops today, Maisie and I had sandals on so our feet got wet but it felt really odd because the rainwater was warm. I've never been anywhere that has such heavy rain so often. Ok in Scotland it rains a lot but it was never torrential often, just wet often. But here (in N.Z) when it rains more often than not its torrential! It's been so heavy across the region today that I believe there has been a lot of flooding. Lets hope this yucky weather decks off before my family get here in a coupe of weeks! They might not come back if its like this!

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