Monday, 7 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 6

Weigh in one of 2013 ... 74.9 kg/11 stone 11 pounds! Depressing indeed! The heaviest I have been without being pregnant. I was 10 stone 7 pounds when I got here just under 2 years ago! Lots of work to do it would seem!

 Get Fitter

  • Run on the beach with the hound before work! Bit of a stress now we are both back at work! Have to get up super early to fit in a run, packed lunches, helping get at least one Cherub ready for Daycare and of course deal with myself! Hard work but hopefully worth it!
  • Monday is a gym class night but it was so beautiful, sunny and hot outside I went for another run in the sand dunes at Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Calories burned according to my fitness pal 630!
  • Kilometres covered 7.1!

Eat Healthier

  • Banana and protein powder smoothie.
  • Mornings tea of some puffy crisp things that are apparently 92% fat free.
  • Lunch of 2 minute noodles.
  • Afternoon tea delicious nut mix ...

  • Another little protein shake after my second run!
  • Steak, potatoes and asparagus for dinner
I will be adding this to my shakes from now on. It turns my usually lovely pink shake a murky brown but if it works all the better ...

Drink Less (Alcohol More Water)

  • Zero alcohol! I'm a changed women! Ha, those that know me will know how amazing this is!
  • About 3 litres of water!
Have Fun With The Kids

I forgot to mention that while I was running through the hilly sand dunes of Queen Elizabeth I was pushing a screeching (with delight) 17kg ish 3 year old! No dog this time so we could go for it! Properly had to sprint down the hills to keep up with the pram! Really have to concentrate to keep hold of the pram! Thought at one stage 'hmmm maybe Maisie should have her bike helmet on and some knee pads! In fact on the last big hill we nearly collided with a bike. But boy did I sweat and my arms, back and quads are pounding now!

Most importantly though when I was putting Maisie to bed I asked her what her favourite part of the day was expecting some fun thing she did at daycare but no her answer was 'you mummy, when you asked me if I was having fun when we were running'. Cute! Love that girl!

The boy didn't miss out either. He went in the back pack along the beach with Daddy for some man to man time.

And of course the furry boy is cream crackered after his big run last night and this morning!

Tired bunch! The babies vp can have a lie in tomorrow as I am of but 5.50am gym class beckons as I missed the one timing and Lovely Hubby is going for a bike ride before work when I get back! Here's hoping the babies have a nap tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Good for you! Keep it up x

    1. Thank you need all the cheering on I can get!

  2. seems like a great start! must be easier when the weather is nice. :)
    Not sure about the drink tho!!

    1. Thank you! Yep just got to keep the momentum going ... Starting to fancy a drink as a treat but can't help but feel that will be a slippery slop if I take it!

  3. I am exhausted just reading this, will defo need to get asthma sorted out. Having said that a nice wee sun lounger in the garden will suit me fine while you are doing all of the above.

    1. You can watch The Cherubs while me and Brian train :)

  4. You have done very well - and no chocolate santas :)

    1. No chocolate Santas although sometimes I can hear them whispering to me from the cupboard!

  5. Wow - this sounds really positive and like you're making a real go of this and a real success of it - I need to work on my weight but I'm not getting v far - mainly because it's nowhere near my number one priority!
    Must try harder!

  6. Time will tell if I can make a success of it! I've a few tricks up my sleeve to help me along my way though! If I can do it anyone can, go for it gurl