Thursday, 3 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 2

  • Get Fitter
Probably one of the most successful categories today. Exercise conducted today include 9 press ups, 50 bicycle crunch things, 10 squats, between walking to work, home from gym and with the dog I racked up 37 minutes and finally I did 40 minutes cardio at the gym! 560 calories burned!

Not gonna manage that every day but best squeeze it all in when I can!

  • Eat Healthier
Banana and protein powder shake for Brekkie, Special K bar for morning tea, 2 minute noodles for lunch, almonds/cranberry/cashew mix for afternoon tea and for dinner a yummy chicken and veg parcel with Camembert, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, pesto and rice! Not really a diet of champions but better than my usual effort!

No naughty stuff yet but I may well have a cup of tea and a couple of cookies before bed!

  • Drink Less
Zero alcohol!

Also glugged down about 3 litres of water! Probably burnt more calories running back and forward to the piddler than out walking or at the gym!

  • Have Fun With The Kids
This was Daddy's domain today! I had to work! Daddy is far better at fun stuff anyway so the children were on to a winner today!

 Apart from turning the house upside down which is always fun Archie enjoyed fun times ripping my books apart and Maisie served up an afternoon tea of magnetic letters and plastic skittles! Oh yeah and they also went to the park.

 I did get to read them both a story before bed! Funnily enough a story about a daddy bear who spent all sorts of time looking after his baby bear!

The weekend is looming! Wonder if I can stay on the wagon!


  1. Love you goals! I have been using fitness pal app. It has helped me excercise and eat better :) Good luck!

    1. Have got 5 fitness apps on phone and my fitness pal is definitely the best! Although everyone I check my settings it has me at 5 foot even though I repeatedly tell it I'm 5 foot 8!! Thanks for the luck I need it x

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