Wednesday, 9 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 8

Get Fitter

  • Run (on my own) before work this morning. Last time I tracked the same run it was 5km but only got 4.3km today ... Hmmm! But good I set a good pace. I ran on the pavement which I haven't done for a while, the sand is harder work all round but softer to run on, I found it a bit harder to get in a rhythm on the pavement and it didn't help that the wind was in my face!
  • Took The Hound out for a walk straight after my run as there was rain forecast, not far just enough to stretch his wee leggies (and mine)
Today I am concerned about my bingo wings rapid development! May have to do some daily arm exercises!

Eat Healthier

  • Breakfast, usual smoothie but with blueberries a s strawberries thrown in ... Yummy :). Why did I not know about this before?!
  • 92% fat free crisp thingummys for morning tea.
  • Leftover rice and curry from last night for lunch. A teeny tiny sliver of cake thing! (I had to, it was the polite thing to do)
  • Afternoon tea, some of my nut mix.
  • A bit of toast with Olivio spread when I got home from work.
  • Breaded pork escalope, potatoes and home made chunky ratatouille for Dinner.
I would like to point out that there was yummy food on offer at work today. It was some bodies birthday and when that happens they have to bake or supply morning tea. There was crackers, cheese, choccies, cake etc BUT the only thing I had was the teeny tiny sliver of cake thing I had at lunch! I am most impressed with my willpower because usually I would gorge myself! (My size might not be changing yet but my mindset is)

Today I wonder wether I should reduce my portion size at dinner time. I may have to start using a smaller plate! If I don't lose any weight by next week that is the next step!

Drink Less (alcohol, more water)

  • Zero alcohol
  • 2 litres of water
  • Lots of tea!!!!
Today I decided to take in my own tea bags to work! I have gotten back into the (unnecessary) habit of having half a teaspoon of sugar in my tea. Ifind the tea bags we use at home (Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea) tastes a bit sweet anyway so I can do with out the sugar!

Have Fun With The Kids

A bit of a fail here today! The day was just too busy! We got a playpen for Archie after work to keep him safe when we are in a different room. That was fun for him getting all his toys in there and getting settled! Ihaven't had a lot of time to spend with Maisie! BUT she has had great fun at daycare, one of her teachers said she had been playing at going on holiday and had been on several holidays throughout the day! When we arrived Maisie was serving up 'tea' for the teacher and Archie. Maisie and I also had lovely story time at bedtime with an extra couple of stories thrown in just so I could spend a bit more time with her!

Today I have been planning all the fun things we can get up to at the weekend!

We are going on a night out tomorrow night so I won't have time to blog! I'll be back on Friday to let you know what I've been up to ...

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