Saturday, 12 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 11

Get Fitter
Lovely Hubby and I were going to get up and go for a run at the crack of dawn but we were both so tired we slept in!
To make up for it I bundled The Cherubs up in their buggy and set of on the walk we did last Saturday but I ran half of the way this time. I did 15 minutes walking, 15 minutes running, 15 minutes walking then the last 10 minutes running! it is hard pushing the heavy load at the best of times but running is another matter all together! I have a bad shoulder and it was really feeling the strain. But 6.2 km and 548 calories later it was worth it!

Eat Healthier
Hhhhhmmm maybe we should just avoid this section today!
No it's not what your thinking I didn't indulge in bad stuff I actually did the opposite ... I've barely eaten anything! Not the way to treat my body after all the hard work its done but it was just one of those days. Here's what I have eaten;

  • Nut mixture about 11ish.
  • Leftover stir fry for lunch.
  • Burger on the barbecue for dinner. With some tomatoes, avocado, onion and corn on the cob (best squeeze some veg in somewhere even if it is onto a burger!

Drink Less (alcohol, more water)

Zero alcohol (so far, Lovely Hubby has just opened a bottle one of the fancy wines his folks naught us 'it is Saturday night' he says)
2 litres of water

Have Fun With The Children
No work for me today so fun was my job for the day. My lack of food meant I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous (bad mummy) but sometimes simple things can be awesome fun ...
  • It's amazing what fun a simple walk in the buggy can be. The track we went on goes past the circus, the back of the airport (we saw several teeny tiny planes come in to land, even a glider) and along a wee river. Maisie had a great little tour ... Archie slept!
  • I set Archie's playpen up out in the garden and he enjoyed playing (safely, without being able to make a beeline to the stairs or sample the delicacies of the garden) out in the sun. I put the bubble machine on and pointed it in his general direction, he was fascinated.
  • We all sat and read stories from touchy feely books ( touchy feely for Archies benefit, he's a bit of a shredder).
  • Maisie and I did jigsaws inside and building blocks outside on the travel rug.

It's meant to rain tomorrow! Happy days! Will have to plan some indoor fun and exercise for us all! Lets home the yucky weather doesn't turn me to the warmth of junk food and wine!


  1. Sounds like you've done brilliantly again - and you know where you could help yourself more by eating.

    Maybe get hubby to give your shoulder a nice massage :O)

  2. It's been raining here for a couple of days so instead I blast the music and 'Bug' and I just dance our little hearts out. Although it's so much fun I can't wait to get my run on outside. Nice job on staying active.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing at the Empowered Living hop, always a pleasure reading your posts.