Tuesday, 15 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 14

Get Fitter
  • Despite a busy night dealing with a teething toddler I dragged my sorry ass of to 5.50am Power class!
  • Lovely Hubby is at a meeting tonight so I am home alone otherwise I was going to go back to the gym for a Kick class but alas I was stuck. Never fear though I'm on a mission (after being exposed to changing room mirorrs today) so I went and bought myself a skipping rope and prayed to the sun gods for the rain to stop! It's a long time since I've skipped but after The Cherubs were in bed I made my own wee 20 minute circuit up. I skipped in various ways for 5 minutes, ran up and down the drive for five minutes, skipped for 5 minutes and finished with 5 minutes of running up and down the deck steps! Fairly broke a sweat but also nearly broke my neck with the skipping rope! I enjoyed it though and it took my heart rate right up!
Calories burned today ~ 600

Eat Healthier
  • Protein shake with banana and spinach for breakfast.
  • A couple of little macaroni muffins.
  • Erm I baked again! Nutella and peanut butter cookies! I had ONE with the kids for afternoon tea!!!!!!
  • Baked potato with tuna mayo, sweet corn and cheese for dinner.

I would like to calorie count but in order for it to be accurate I would need to weigh and measure stuff!!! No time for that, sorry!

Drink Less (Alcohol, More Water)
  • Zero alcohol.
  • 2 litres of water.

Have Fun With The Kids 

The focus was on 'fun with the kids' today but the weather was not in my favour! (Torrential rain). I had a potentially poorly Archie and a grouchy from the get go Maisie! Right from the start I had to pace myself and tune my negotiation skills for the long haul till bed time! No escape for me at 6pm as Lovely Hubby is out for the day and evening!

Darling Daughter had a few near meltdowns but I negotiated her out of them without going crazy and Second Boy Son survived on bread and two 30 minute naps!!!!!

I did however manage to make a boring day at the DIY shop, lingerie shop, The Warehouse (it is what it sounds like, the extra part of Tesco Extra, Tesco Extra without the food) and stuck at home relatively fun. We/I survived the day by making simple things seem fun and exciting, here's how;

Out and About;
  • The Warehouse was made fun by Darling Daughter getting to use one of the kiddy trolley! We haven't been near them since a major meltdown over a year ago when the trolley had to be left in the shop. This time went smoothly and she loved it.
  • The D.I.Y shop was made fun by looking for a trolley to push there was nine but she wasn't to know that! My trick nealy backfired when she got upset at the lack of trolleys and accused me of not being 'best', 'your not best mummy'. I rescued the situation by taking her to look at the pretty flowers in the garden area and she had a swing in a super cute kiddies swinging chair. Second Born Son enjoyed flirting with the sales assistants.
  • The Lingerie shop was made fun by laughing at mummy trying things on! Fecking hilarious! And yet again Second Born Son I was chatted up by the sales assistant!

At Home;
  • Down time watching Peppa.
  • I baked both Cherubs licked spoons and bowls.
  • Darling Daughter did some dishes. (Who knew this was such fun, I got a row when she returned to an empty sink!)
  • We skyped Superfitmummy! Se lives in Auckland now. ( Super sad face!)
  • Second Born Son stood up using his playpen for the first time and spent some time shuffling round the bars (proud mummy).
  • We made a we shop and using a little toy trailer for a trolley (she's obsessed now).
  • Darling Daughter fished out Second Born Sons Hair Brush and comb and brushed his hair for him! They both found this hilarious.

These things are all pretty mundane but the fun for me today was just getting to spend some quality time time with my babies! with me working I find myself feeling under pressure to entertain the kids when i have them but although the rain was hideous it was a nice excuse to spend a simple day indoors.

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