Tuesday, 8 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 7

I thought I would explain my choices for the resolutions I have made this year with the goals I have in my head that will indicate success.

Get Fitter

Goal - apart from the obvious, improve my running speed!

Today ...

  • 5.50 am Power class at the gym (same idea as Les Mills Pump). I was horrified at the thought of such an early start BUT if you snooze you lose! It didn't help that we were woken in the middle of the night by a scary banging noise outside! All too easy to use this as an excuse but up I got! I looked and felt hellish! Not sure it is acceptable to wear a hat and sunglasses inside the gym but may do so in the future. Once I heard the music pumping I was raring to go though! I could get used to this! Not sure Lovely Hubby will like it though apparently I'm a 'noisy menace' when I'm getting ready! Sorry dear! (It's evening now and I'm really dopey! Can barely string a sentence together, just as well I haven't been working today).
  • 4 lengths of the local outdoor pool in squat position pushing a float and with 17kg ish weight on my back! Explanation to follow.
  • 2km walk home from the shops pushing The Cherubs, with a backpack of groceries on my back! Surely the heat makes the workout harder too and more effective (can anyone confirm this).

Eat Healthier

Goal - lose weight +/or inches (I'm going to get Lovely Hubby to measure me tonight). I am led to believe it will be harder now I am older and have had two kids. I would like to get back down to 10 stone 7 (67kg) but I think 11 stone (70kg) is probably more realistic!

Today ...

  • Cereal bar before gym class
  • Banana, protein powder and green powder smoothie for breakfast
  • Nut mix for snack
  • Lunch of 2 minute noodles and a mini corn on the cob
  • Dinner; chicken curry and rice

Drink Less (alcohol, more water)

Goal - lose weight and the hideous fluid retention I have (mainly on my legs yuck)!

Today ...

  • Zero alcohol
  • Approx 2.5 litres of water

Have Fun With The Cherubs

Goal - not to neglect my children in my quest for fitness and weightloss whilst also working! Hence my constant attempt to find exercise to do with them, especially on my days off! Easy in these summer months! May get tricky when the nights draw in... Maybe some of our new good habits will rub of on The Cherubs! I've already noticed an improvement in Maisie's eating habits (*hurrah*).

Today ...

  • The reason for my odd swimming pool exercise is that I thought it would be fun to go to the outdoor pool! Thought it a good idea to go early to miss the rush and the forecast lunchtime rain! Not so much! The toddler pool was too cold ... *rage*. The main pool was lovely and warm but I wasn't banking on trying to keep both children from drowning! I only had one float for the boy because Maisie can manage herself in the toddler pool, she's not quite tall enough for the big pool on her own yet! After much coaxing to get Maisie in she finally settled for holding on to my neck and strangling me while kicking out backwards as I pushed Archie along in his little snail inflatable! On my haunches to keep my head and shoulders under the water to keep warm! It did make me laugh that everyone was shuddering at how cold the baby pool was! No one bats an eyelid at jumping into the freezing sea on a whim!
  • It turned in to a lovely hot, sunny afternoon again so I bundled everyone up and we went to see Daddy at work! I was struggling after my early start so we needed to get out the house. It was such a nice afternoon we walked home. Some more fresh air and scenery for The Cherubs!
  • Once Daddy got home we all, dog included, went to Maisie's bedroom to attend the picnic she had laid out for us. I was the Daddy, she was the Mummy, Daddy was the Baby, Rocko was the Sister and Archie was the Doctor! (I am as confused as you). So funny when she plays make believe she comes up with all sorts of nonsense!

I'm starting to want to cheat now! A cake, some crisps, a glass of wine, a day of nothing! I will save one of these for a treat once I loose some weight though! I must be disciplined! Or so all the motivational things I see tell me anyway ...


  1. Hi! Stopping by from Naptime Review blog hop and excited to be a new follower! I have a new Social Media Linky party that started today, I would love to have you link up!!


    1. Thank you for popping by and filling me in on you blog hop ;). I've linked up and popped your link on my Linky live page :)

  2. I agree it's hard to find a balance- good on you for making time for The Cherubs!

    1. It's tricky alright. Military precision organisation and no sitting down (for Lovely Hubby too) until everything is done!

  3. You have set some great goals! I wish you the best in reaching them. Thanks for linking up for Fitness Friday!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I need it ...