Thursday, 17 January 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 16

Get Fitter
Thursday today so I was up and at it for Group Power at 5.50am! My third one of these classes this week so I really felt it (mentally and physically knackered). I could have gone back to bed and slept afterwards, no rest for the wicked though.

Eat Healthier
  • Cereal bar immediately after gym class, meant for before but I was running late.
  • Protein shake for breakfast.
  • Half a fillet steak, half a baked potato and some broccoli before work (8.45am, odd I know but 9.30 am to 2pm shift with no break, so I had some leftovers to keep me going).
  • The other half of the steak etc after work.
  • Homemade cookie for afternoon tea.
  • Beef stroganoff with rice for dinner.
I've spent most of the day super duper hungry, not sicky hungry so it was bearable! With out sounding like some pro anorexia person I know that if I am hungry (this kind of hungry) I will (bloody better) loose weight! I don't know how to explain it, it's like I'm hungry in a stomach shrinking kind of way!

(I have just ran the last paragraph past Lovely Hubby to make sure it doesn't sound bad! Cue an argument with a Lovely Hubby about wether or not your stomach eats itself when there is nothing in it! He is saying that that is how you loose weight, your stomach eating itself!!!!!!! Eh! I think/hope I am on the right side of this argument! Cue nightmares for me tonight about waking up with my stomach eating all my belly fat!)

Drink Less (alcohol, more water)
  • Zero alcohol (although after spending 4 hours setting up a fecking printer I feel like a drink, there is a gin in a tin calling out to me from the fridge).
  • Only about 1litre of water today! Not very good, just haven't really felt like drinking water! Hopefully get back on the case tomorrow.

Have Fun With The Kids
Every second week I work till 6pm and lock up, on my 6pm finish week I get to finish on the Thursday at 2pm. Lovely Hubby is off on a Thursday so the idea is to have some family time. We didn't really do anything exciting though. We were going to go for a nice walk with the dog but when we got home after a spot of shopping Darling Daughter started complaining of a headache and was running a fever, the heavens opened and I got stuck setting up the (fecking) printer!
But we were all together as a family!!! Does that count as fun!?!?

After a good start to the day things went a bit pear shaped! Unless its beautiful weather tomorrow I think it will be a rest day, for exercise anyway. Hopefully Darling Daughter will feel better and maybe we can all get for that nice walk we planned after work tomorrow ...

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