Monday, 21 January 2013

Kapiti Island Today 21/1/13

5pm ...

Another corker today! Not a cloud in the sky! a bit of a breeze ... Perfect! (Not perfect actually because I wanted to go out in the kayak, bit breezy for a beginner like me!)

We all went down once Lovely Hubby had finished work. Darling Daughter and I went in for a splash and a play in the surf. It was super breezy and wavy so we couldn't get too carried away.

I really wanted to dive in and go for a swim but I am too scared to go at the best of times and even more so when it's choppy! Who knows where the waves would take me and what creatures would be swimming about at my feet! Eeeeeeekkkk!!!!

We saw someone trying to fish, people body boarding, a kite surfer (pictured can you see him?), a windsurfer and a big washed up tree (pictured, I really hope you can spot that).

Maybe one day we will live actually at the beach and everyday will be a beach day!

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