Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kapiti Island Today 23/1/13

5.55 am ...

Not the best quality picture! Its was the crack of dawn! Not great for iphone pictures! It looks like I will have to take my real (held together by a thread) camera if I'm to get decent early morning pictures! It won't be long and it will be pitch black first thing and I won't be able to even see Kapiti Island!

Today's picture was taken from Raumati Beach while I was waiting for the swimming pool to open! Nothing like an early morning swim to wake you up! Only problem with this early morning exercise is that I'm ready for my bed once the 'get the kids to daycare' routine is finished!

I always imagine I will be the only one crazy enough to be doing something like swimming, running or going to the gym at stupid o'clock but no there always seem to be an annoyingly large amount of people in the pool, at the beach or in the gym with me!

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